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Time Consulting Group chooses UiPath as Automation Partner

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Time Consulting Group has partnered with leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, UiPath, to better service clients and customers in need of automated processes.

To support our existing services, such as eliminating workplace waste, analysing systems and data, and leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, Time Consulting Group agreed on a long-term partnership with UiPath. This will enable us to maximise on our best practice service offering for our business transformation clients.

The UiPath Automation Platform is helping organisations around the world become faster and more agile in the face of increased demand and rapidly changing environments. It addresses the automation lifecycle by leveraging process discovery tools and employee crowdsourcing to determine what to automate, which is key to scaling automation across the enterprise with speed and efficiency.

This enables more sophisticated automations with AI capabilities such as document understanding, and provides sophisticated analytics to measure the business impact of automation. This pervasive ‘automation first’ approach is proven to be both substantial and transformative, and is allowing everyone – from RPA Developers and Testers to Citizen Developers and Business End Users – to collaborate and put automation squarely at the core of everyday work.

When Time Consulting Group is in the beginning phases of working with clients, we will be able to utilise UiPath during the diagnostics stage to see how and where processes can be automated or improved. UiPath will enable us to see how long every task – big or small – takes an employee on their computer, and compare processes across the company.

Richard Guest, Partner at Time Consulting Group, said:

“We are thrilled to have partnered with UiPath. Not only are they the market leader in the RPA space, but with the addition of AI based task and process mining technologies to their platform, we can now leverage their technology right from the start of a customer engagement. It will enhance our diagnostic offering, by automatically identifying and aggregating employee workflows to quantify the size of the opportunity in just a few weeks, that would take months to do manually. Combined with our proven diagnostic approach, we can best guide customers on the optimum path, be it digital transformation, process redesign or robotic process implementation."

To learn more about UiPath, please visit

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