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Are you giving your sales team the chance to succeed? – why poor processes can let businesses down

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

With a raft of technologies available enabling ‘click and buy’, selling services or products has never been easier. So why are we still experiencing poor service?

Like me, I’m sure you have faced the same frustration of wanting to make a quick and simple purchase? Has the product been out of stock? Is there a lengthy delay before you get the product or service? Have you had to fill out rafts of lengthy forms or answer multiple questions before getting the product or service requested?

In the fast paced society in which we live in, are you making it easy for customers to buy and for your sales team to sell? Is your onboarding process confusing? Is pricing complex? Are lengthy or disjointed quoting, order creation and acceptance processes losing sales? We frequently work with businesses who wish to streamline their order enquiry through to customer fulfilment process, meaning more sales are closed and unnecessary costs and waste are taken out. Taking these streamlining steps delivers results and as an example, here's what we are seeing work well for businesses who have moved from traditional sales processes to more streamlined, tech driven, customer focussed ways of working.

In the B2B example below, the sales process was simplified and new technology adopted that enabled the move from a traditional face to face field sales with a paper based assessment process to a more secure telephone sale with automated ID and credit checks, a simple pricing structure and email contract signature.

For the customer, the order process has been reduced by days. It can be completed in 15 minutes, with 1 email and next day product delivery. For the company, recurring revenue increased by 200%, labour time reduced by 90%, and sales team productivity increased by 80%.

Happy customer, happy employee, happy business!

The new process for inbound telephone enquiries was adapted to run as follows:

If you would like assistance with reviewing your sales order process, please get in touch.

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