We specialise in helping portfolio companies simplify, digitise and automate admin activities, within:

  • Financial services
  • Insurance services
  • Conveyancing operations
  • Mortgage operations
  • Contact centres
  • Legal services
  • Shared Services
  • Front office sales operations
  • Back office service delivery

Solving your problems.
Realising your opportunities.

Our experience tells us that your business has 20-50% of latent value waiting to be released. Crucially, we also have a track record of successfully helping companies to rethink their people, process and technology to unlock that value as effectively as possible.

We specialise in fixing complex productivity and capacity creation problems using tried and tested methods and have sector specific solutions we know work. Fully understanding how work is allocated, how work is performed, how long tasks take, how people are organised and how managers of people operate, provides the window to growth. 

Why work with us?

  • We can cut through layers of management to discover what is really going on in a business
  • We’re problem solvers who use proven scientific methods to deliver results
  • We bring the in-depth operational and technical capability to drive change
  • We are hands-on and think like investors; we care, and we want results, on time
  • We know the PE world and what makes the difference between success and failure
  • We’re experts at spotting opportunities to simplify, standardise, digitise and automate

How we can help you
unlock your latent value

Our proven approach provides a simple platform for CEOs and their senior management teams to rethink operations end-to-end.

Working with you as partners, we can quickly identify the key ways to incorporate digitalisation activities along the whole value chain, driving step-change improvements in performance.

In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to help you unlock latent value, we can guarantee your returns.


Identify waste
and latent value


Simplify, standardise,
digitise, automate


Scale operations,
drive performance