We find solutions to common problems such as:

  •   High case loads and the related volume of emails
  •   Skills to deliver complex case work
  •   Fee earner ways of working
  •   Siloed teams
  •   Poor capacity and performance management
"The detail of the involvement surprised me. Time Consulting Group really got into the guts of the business – into places that I or my management team could never have got to.”
Leading provider of legal and financial property services

Solving your problems.
Realising your opportunities.

Imagine reducing the time spent on non-billable work by 20% while still remaining fully compliant and providing your clients with an even better service.

With our help, that's not only a possibility, it's a likelihood.

Our experts bring an in-depth knowledge of the legal sector and understand the unique pressures and challenges associated with delivering transformation within a private equity-backed business.

Our track record speaks for itself, with our legal sector clients seeing an average ROI of 7:1.

So if you're ready to unlock the latent value in your business, let's talk.



Our consultants will...

  • Quickly discover what is really going on in your business

  • Use proven scientific methods to deliver results

  • Identify opportunities to simplify, digitise and automate

  • Bring a hands-on approach and think like investors

  • Have the operational and technical capability to drive change

  • Help you increase your top and bottom line

Guaranteed return on investment

Our proven approach enables CEOs and their senior management teams to gain a fresh perspective on their operations and put a realistic transformational plan in place to ensure sustainable growth. 

Working with you as partners, our experienced consultants quickly identify ways to incorporate digitalisation activities along the whole value chain, driving step-change improvements in performance.

And we're so confident in our ability to unlock latent value that we guarantee a return on your investment.


Still not convinced?

We're confident we can help you build high performing teams, increase efficiencies and ensure best practice operations, but you don't have to take our word for it. Our track record speaks for itself...


Success story

  Unlocking the art of the possible for greater efficiency

Savings £2.7m 
Capacity increased by 25-35%
ROI 7:1

Find out how we did it


Success story

Scaling operations delivers growth objectives

Improvement play book delivers 3-year business plan
Improved customer service, staff utilisation and morale
Client onboarding time reduced from days to minutes
Find out how we did it

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Increase capacity in your conveyancing firm by up to 30% through digital transformation

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