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Guide | Knime

From Excel to KNIME

A free guide written by KNIME, mapping the most commonly used Excel functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents, taking you through the steps you’d take in Excel and showing you how they can be done in KNIME Analytics Platform. 

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CRM ebook blue

Guide | Sales and Marketing

CRM best practices to power up your marketing

In this guide, we explore using your company's data to turn your CRM into a revenue-creating growth engine.

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TPM blue

Guide | Manufacturing

Total Productive Maintenance 

If your manufacturing company is regularly experiencing machine breakdowns, manufacturing products that don’t meet quality standards, or your machine production speed is lower than design intent, then you could benefit from Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

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ODG blue

Guide | Manufacturing

Transforming Manufacturing Performance

Productivity has always been a priority for manufacturers. However, with global competition, pandemics being the norm and a power shift from businesses to consumers, there are many reasons to be even more productive, more effective, and more competitive than ever before.

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Reporting ebook blue

Guide | Sales and Marketing

Best practices for getting actionable insights with Hubspot reporting

This guide will show you how to collate, analyse and interpret complex data sets to maximise growth, and drive more revenue across your business.

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One-pager | Financial Services

Data-powered financial services & banking

Transform how business and data teams work to deliver industry-leading financial services.

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Ebook | Financial Services

Finance and banking: how data scientists use KNIME to build enterprise-scale data solutions (Knime case studies)

Discover how we can help you unlock capacity in your company with KNIME.

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Vertical | Financial Services

How can retail banks stay relevant?

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