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WEBINAR RECAP - Industry Secrets: Learn how to increase capacity in conveyancing companies

Updated: Feb 9

Last week, Time Consulting Group held a webinar aimed at demonstrating how conveyancing companies can increase capacity within their businesses.

The webinar was hosted by our Managing Partner, Colin McArdle, and two of our Partners, Richard Sadler and Richard Guest. Many topics focusing on the conveyancing sector were covered during the discussion, including:

  • How you should find out where paid time is being consumed by your conveyancers

  • How to measure and determine how much time conveyancers spend on wasteful, non-value adding activities

  • Identifying quick wins - stopping the things you don't need to do

  • How conveyancing email analysis finds opportunities to remove, reroute or automate communication

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning)

  • Creating high performing teams using operational management best practice for team leaders and managers

  • The five approaches and capabilities driving the next generation operating model for conveyancers

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