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Unlocking the art of the possible for greater efficiency

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The challenge

As part of the acquisition, the CEO inherited long-standing operational leaders who believed the people and processes were as efficient as they could be. This belief was reinforced by the company performing significantly better than competitors and delivering industry-leading sustained growth and profit.  

The CEO realised that the internal subject matter expertise was not going to be enough on its own to meet the objectives of the investment thesis. They needed support from a consulting company that would provide a fresh perspective, extra horsepower and specialised skills.

Time Consulting Group was selected to conduct a systematic deep analysis of all operational processes, policies and procedures to ensure the ‘art of the possible’ was laid out for senior leadership team consideration.


Asset 56.png

£2.7m savings


7:1 ROI


35% output per person increased

Asset 46.png

~35% capacity

Asset 48.png

Staff engagement drives change


"Time Consulting Group have really got into the guts of the business – into places that my management team and I could never have got to."

Regional VP Europe

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