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Time Consulting Group Appoints Head of Marketing

Claudia De la Cruz

C0DFFE60-C70E-439B-B633-B8FA8277BEAC_4_5005_cWe're delighted to announce that Claudia De la Cruz has been appointed as Head of Marketing. Claudia has been with Time Consulting Group since November 2020 as Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

In her new role, Claudia will be responsible for shaping the marketing strategy and developing and implementing integrated marketing campaigns aimed at building brand awareness and driving growth for the business.

She will also be heading up our consulting Sales and Marketing vertical which provides a range of solutions designed to help our customers with challenges across all stages of the buyer's journey. From identifying potential bottlenecks and sources of friction, optimising and automating internal processes through to building digital expertise and modernising their technology stack.

Managing Partner, Colin McArdle, said: "Time Consulting Group has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and marketing will play an integral part in our future growth. Claudia has shown great leadership skills, a can-do attitude and an outstanding work ethic. With so many exciting opportunities ahead, I believe there's no one better suited than Claudia to lead the marketing team, take our brand to the next level and help our clients improve their sales and marketing performance".

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