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Five reasons you need a Digital Marketing Audit

Five reasons you need a Digital Marketing Audit

Your website’s up and running, you create content and post to social media regularly. You may even be a marketing automation or paid advertising whiz. But in today’s digital world, where online presence is so important for businesses, having marketing boxes ticked is no longer enough.

If you’re a business owner, director, or marketing leader, you’ll benefit from a holistic view of all your marketing efforts, continuously monitoring and tweaking your digital activities to ensure they continue to increase ROI and support your overall strategy.

That’s where a digital marketing audit comes into play. While internal assessments can and should be carried out frequently, think of an external audit as taking your car in for a service. You’d fuel and clean your car often. You may even carry out the odd oil or tyre change. But occasionally, it’s wise to get an expert to look at things on a slightly deeper level to ensure everything’s working as well as it should be.

A digital marketing audit is an essential tool for helping a business to grow as it will provide an understanding of your performance and future direction. But if you’re still unsure as to whether an audit’s relevant, we’ve pulled together five top reasons for how the process could help your organisation.


1. Identify strengths and weaknesses

For any organisation to improve and grow, it’s vital to understand what you’re good at, as well as any areas for improvement. Even the most successful companies will carry out this kind of investigation, continuously modifying their plans of action in line with their findings.

But did you know a digital marketing audit is key to providing this kind of invaluable performance metrics and insight? From understanding your web traffic to recognising what kind of content customers engage with on your social media pages or emails, it’s all information that will help steer your strategy for taking your business to the next level.

Often, as part of a digital marketing audit, you’ll get a competitor analysis too. Benchmarking your performance and things like social media following and SEO rankings, against companies like yours is crucial to understanding where you excel or need to improve.


2. Save money

It’s true. A digital marketing audit can save you money. While there may be an initial outlay in engaging a digital specialist to complete an audit, the ROI is clear. Through highlighting the digital activities that work well for your company, as well as those that don’t, you’re able to discard anything that’s wasting valuable time, resource, and cash, to concentrate on continuing or even increasing endeavours that will boost sales figures.

From advice on streamlining processes or suggestions on activities more aligned with your business, to assistance on why you may wish to abandon certain projects completely, a digital marketing audit will provide professional direction for where you can cut costs and increase efficiency.


3. Uncover hidden prospects

Did you know you could be sitting on untapped growth opportunities? A digital marketing audit will provide you with the chance to revisit your existing brand(s), and it’s also one of the best ways to bring new business prospects to the surface.

From new markets to break into, to innovative changes to products and services, a professional evaluation of your digital activity will help to inspire and drive new business ideas and changes in direction. And it can provide you with the perfect roadmap for optimising what you already have in place.


4. Launch something new

If you’ve wanted to launch an additional brand, or maybe a new product or service line, but are unsure how and when to go about it, a digital marketing audit is central.

Normally, your audit provider will offer a comprehensive report of their findings, giving you clarity and guidance for expanding in exciting new ways. It’ll typically include statistics around what works for you, allowing you to make important business decisions based on facts and figures, rather than gut feeling alone. Reduce risk and embark on exciting new ventures led by data gained from your digital marketing audit.

Whatever your future ambitions, you’ll gain a platform for confidently exploring new enterprises.


5. Reignite enthusiasm

Auditing your digital marketing activity is ultimately going back to the roots of your business and measuring its performance. One benefit you may not automatically associate with an audit is the lift it can provide to employees when you view the results, fine-tune your approach, and remind your team of great product/service you’re providing.

The transparency an audit will provide can reinject passion into your organisation and cause a buzz of excitement as staff come together to work towards shared goals. Updating processes because of audit findings can refresh roles and reduce stress.

And of course, being part of a successful team with clear objectives and a design for meeting them, is the icing on the cake. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

If you’re ready for support with a digital marketing audit, or are still unsure of how an audit will help you, why not get in touch?

Your digital presence is fundamental to your business’ success and without assessing your marketing efforts, and understanding whether your marketing investment is working, you’re basically in the dark. Let us shed some light on how your business could go from good to great with advice from subject matter experts on any or all of your digital marketing activity.


Cover photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

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