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At our core, we are problem solvers, process engineers and data scientists highly capable at finding value levers, simplifying processes, removing waste and augmenting human based tasks using robotic process automation.

We know how to analyse systems and data, leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale growth.

Whether it's creating a clear picture to connect an opaque board report to several layers down in an organisation or showing what is truly happening under the bonnet of a business or overcoming engrained resistance to change, we create a new lens so our customers can see how to deliver game changing outcomes   


"Our aim is to understand an organisation from the ground up, leveraging our knowledge, to deliver big wins fast".

Richard Sadler
Richard Sadler

Our methodology combines five levers.

Lean principles

Intelligent process automation 

Data science

Systems integration

Organisational capability 

"Fundamentally we believe that strategy and change must be built and managed with the people in a business and not outsourced to consulting firms".
Richard Guest_v2
Richard Guest

Innovating together, creating time
so you can do more with less.

Over the last seven years we've developed a world class engagement model to make sure solutions and new ways of working are designed with customers, for customers and by customers Our proven method motivates people along the change curve from day one. It ensures there is 100% commitment from people to make change from within and sustain the gains. 

“It's better to be 100% right with 90% commitment from people in the business rather than using consultants to do all the work and be 100% right but only 60% commitment”. 
Sample Testimonial Author
Colin McArdle
Founder and Managing Partner

Leverage our capabilities so you can fast-forward growth!

  • Organisational design and capability assessment.
  • Creating high performing teams.
  • Change management, making new ways of working stick.
  • World class Operational Management Best Practice for people-based operations.
  • Coaching and upskilling staff to implement Lean management principles.
  • Structured root cause problem-solving.
  • Setting up operational excellence teams and deployment programmes.
  • Technology team training, NPI, software development, Agile, Scrum, PMO.
  • Business process simplification and reengineering.
  • Sales and operational planning.
  • Work allocation, sequencing, capacity management.
  • Improving the customer journey and service delivery.
  • Shared services optimisation.
  • Remote working process design and performance improvement.
  • Centralisation of regional-based teams.
  • M&A integration and target operating model design.
  • Sales enablement and Sales Team capacity creation.
  • Quality engineering and assurance.
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management.
  • Partnerships with established leaders and innovative disruptors.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Systems integration.
  • Inbound marketing and CRM.
  • Next Generation Operating Model design.
  • Digital engineering.
  • Digital experience.
  • Digital strategy.
  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Data management - data science, data optimisation and visualisation, data governance, data warehousing.
  • GDPR
  • Financial compliance
  • Data integration