“We help clients transform their operations by identifying admin activities that can be simplified, deskilled, digitised and automated. We specialise in delivering quick wins and impressive results.”
Colin McArdle
Colin McArdle
Managing Partner

Problems solved.
Transformation delivered.

Leading rapid transformation that creates lasting value is no small challenge. Every aspect of the enterprise needs to be analysed and reconfigured – in depth, at speed, and in close collaboration with a complex set of stakeholders. It’s no wonder 58% of CEOs fail in their first two years.

At Time Consulting Group, we specialise in providing the kind of support that helps CEOs succeed – and even over-deliver.

We can help if you are:

  • A CEO of a mid-sized company
  • Leading a private equity backed business
  • Struggling to find operational capacity to grow
  • Realigning people, process and technology
  • Looking to increase capability of teams through training and 1:1 coaching

Contact us if you need:

  • Partners to help deliver complex change
  • More horsepower to support your team
  • Industry experts with proven solutions
  • Digital workflows to scale your business
  • Reducing and controlling regulatory risk
“The detail of the involvement surprised me. Time Consulting Group really got into the guts of the business – into places that I or my management team could never have got to.”
Andy Scaife
Andy Scaife
CEO, O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP

Rapid value creation.

Do more with less.

We can help you to amplify and accelerate every stage of your value-creation strategy. Our goal is to integrate seamlessly with your team and get straight to work identifying and implementing transformative improvements.


  • Apply engineering mindset to optimise workflow
  • Identify technology solutions to replace human intervention
  • Determine the next-generation operating model for scale


  • Define strategy, align senior team
  • Sequence improvements for speedy returns
  • Simplify and automate processes for customers and employees


  • Retain customers and talent
  • Reduce lead times and waste
  • Increase capacity, revenue and profit
"Time Consulting Group helped MSXi tackle the productivity challenges that have been engrained in our business for a long period of time, unlocking productivity gains of 20-30%."
Felix Serrano
Felix Serrano
Vice President Europe, MSXi

Powered by insight. Driven by experience.

Our mindset and methodologies were forged in the worlds of advanced industrial engineering and software engineering. With decades of experience building and leading Operational Excellence, Digital Transformation and Data Science Programs at small, medium and large enterprises, we know what works and how to quickly increase performance.

“Remote working is here to stay. During covid, we’ve been working with companies who’ve achieved 10% efficiency gains by transforming their operations – and now we’re helping them reach a further 20-50% by converting admin activities to scalable digital solutions.”
Richard Sadler
Richard Sadler

Our fees: performance-related and designed for high ROI

Like the CEOs we work with, we understand that results are everything. We aim to deliver latent value in the range of 20-50% on every engagement – and we’re always happy to link our own fees to the value we help to discover and unlock.