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Leading rapid lean digital transformation that creates lasting value is no small challenge. Every aspect of the enterprise needs to be analysed and reconfigured – in depth,  at speed, and in close collaboration with a complex set of stakeholders. It’s no wonder 58% of senior appointments fail in their first two years.

At Time Consulting Group, we specialise in providing the kind of support that helps senior leadership teams succeed, and even over-deliver in their digital transformation journey.

Rapid Value Creation

Results we've achieved across multiple sectors include:

> Lending services: +25% capacity 
> Insurance services: +15% capacity
> Conveyancing: +10% capacity
> Manufacturing: +15% capacity
> Back office: £2.1m savings
> Sales Enablement: +£1.4m 
> Sales support: +36% capacity


Data Management

Harness the new oil of business using the true power of your data.

Data-driven decision making 
Predicting sales and future trends
Controlling pricing and margin
Compliance and GDPR
Working capital management
Agile demand management
Inventory optimisation



Spend time where it really matters, delivering value to your people and customers.

Customer onboarding
Email triage, routing, response.
Reading documents and systems
Data validation and entry
Invoice Processing, AP and AR
Web portal access and update
Web scrapping lead generation
Technology Transformation

Remove waste, simplify processes, make your business fit for the future with the latest technology. 

Automation, Blockchain
Agile, reporting and MI
Cloud agility, business scalability
Diverse data tier consolidation
Savvy customers, new technology
Digitising end-user experience
Cyber security, financial crime
Sales and Marketing Enablement

As HubSpot Solutions Partners we deploy leading edge solutions and infrastructure so you can increase enquiries, conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

Finding revenue in existing data
Automating administration tasks
Inbound marketing campaigns
Accelerating social media 
Using advocate based selling
Email and marketing automation
Personal Development

Are you giving your people the chance to succeed? With over 500 people trained we have proven solutions to build high performing self-driven teams.

Manager coaching

Performance management

Practical problem solving

Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma

Agile and Scrum

Change management

Project management

“The detail of the involvement surprised me. Time Consulting Group really got into the guts of the business – into places that I or my management team could never have got to.”
CEO, Leading Conveyancing Firm

Sectors we work with


Private Equity

Are you leaving opportunities to increase exit returns on the table? Our project outcomes across multiple companies indicate that PE firms are not going deep enough to unlock the true capacity potential of an asset. 

From the first 100 days to exit we help your portfolio drive rapid and sustainable deal returns. With project outcomes regularly unlocking 10% capacity gains in year 1 and 30% over a 3 year investment period, we know what works and the things to avoid.

Financial Services

Talk to any mortgage operations manager about the future of the industry and four topics will emerge immediately: big data, simplification, performance management and automation. Does your strategy include these?

Working remotely during Covid, we reduced rework at onboarding through simplification and error proofing, stabilised fluctuations in demand using data science and automated transactions between third parties. With the addition of performance management best practice our client realised capacity gains of 25% in just 12 months! 

Legal Services

With many projects completed in Legal Services our knowledge and methods help law firms measure and manager case loads, adopt new technology and create a collaborative one company culture. We find solutions to common problems such as, high case loads and the related volume of emails, skills to deliver complex case work, fee earner ways of working, siloed teams along with poor capacity and performance management serve to prevent growth at scale.

Our most recent assignment was delivered remotely during Covid, where we helped our Conveyancing client increase capacity by 10%!


Competition, disruptive tech and digital savvy consumers are accelerating the pace of change. Don’t get left behind! Omnichannel, integrated, digital experience is shaping the tomorrow of the insurance sector.

Our approach uses Lean engineering and automation to find and deliver capacity quickly in areas such as, onboarding, FNOL, policy admin, claims processing, document verification, underwriting and customer service, for Life, PI, P&C, Auto, Business, Marine, Home, Agri, Travel and Re-insurance.


With a rich manufacturing heritage there are few problems we haven't seen before. From short stops through predictive maintenance to mixed model line design we have conducted 1000s of project over the last 35 years. We know what works and the things to avoid.

With many factors influencing productivity and effectiveness of core processes, our offerings  encompass everything from sales and order processing, asset productivity, lean training, lean warehousing and supply chain optimisation. 


Many publishing companies still rely heavily on outdated people intensive process with many administrative tasks, disjointed processes, siloed teams and a never ending treadmill of rework.   

Through our capacity creating project work we know that we can simplify processes and use digitalisation to automate repetitive tasks across, sales order processing, permissions, artwork and images, cover design, manuscript delivery and review, production process and publication.  

Publishing might be an old industry but we know how to make it catch up fast!

Facilities Management

With over 15 years experience working in the facilities management sector our Partners have delivered over £60m in efficiency gains, with impressive project outcomes including £15m field service margin improvement and £45m back office cost reduction.  

We help build sustainable operating models, using philosophies such as, Lean, digitalisation, automation, data science and best practice performance management. With changing expectations of investors, employees and customers, do you know if your operating model is fit for the future?

Estate Agents

Traditional Estate Agencies built around bricks, mortar and paper based processes are feeling the pressure to compete from many angles. From the rise of online agencies to outdated people intensive processes, funding and navigating the way to the next generation operating model is no easy task. Covid-19 has been a catalyst for positive change forcing investors and senior teams make the leap with home working and the use of new technology becoming the new normal. 

Through the design of a new operating model we helped our client, a national Estate Agency, to centralise regional office admin tasks saving £1m! 

"Time Consulting Group helped tackle the productivity challenges that have been engrained in our business for a long period of time, unlocking productivity gains of 20-30%."
Vice President Europe, Global Provider of BPO Services to the Automotive Industry

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